Heart Shaped Q U E S T B A R Muffin


If you have ever tried the QUEST BAR protein bars, for sure you got addicted! It is just something that everybody should taste    once! But what is all when you heat them up, or bake them? Well, they must know something! And that means, I must try it too!
The flavor escalate after the microwave. They turn into delicious, soft, warm something. Something which became immediately my Nr. 1 LOVE! ♡

So here it is, my very first Quest Bar Muffin turned out so AMAIZING, that I don’t miss  the well known sugar bomb CINNABON rolls any more!…

Shole Zard Oatmeal

Oatmeal in Persian style

I was always a fun of all nations’ cuisine, especially the Middle East one! In Persia they have the so called Shole Zard dessert full of sugar. I loved it so much; however it does not fit into my recent healthy & clean eating habit.
But as a clean eater foodie, I am challenging myself to recreate the healthy version of my favorite foods. So I created this delicious oatmeal in a sunny morning.
The recipe is simple, based on my everyday oatmeal.

shole zard oatmeal

▪ 4 tbsp oat
▪ 1 tbsp rye flakes
▪ 1 tbsp wheat bran
▪ 1,5 dl any choice of milk
▪ 1 dl water
▪ 1 tbsp rose water
▪ cinnamon
▪ saffron
▪ almond…