Budapest Half Marathon Journal Entry



It was a sunny Sunday morning. B and I woke up early, at 6am to prepare ourselves for the race. The day before, we did everything that the big book suggested to get our energy level the highest possible: carbo-loading in Vappiano, paid extra care to hydration, prepared the running clothes and accessories and went to bed early to be well rested. I was really nervous, was not sure if enrolling was a good idea at all, was terrified to fail or not finish in time and will be collected by the bus. B was staying at my place so that we can go together.We had our morning coffee and runner breakfast, the energy bomb oatmeal (click here for recipe) with all the power of chia seeds. For sure you have heard that it is rich in omega 3, and what you must know as well, it is the magic running food, so add 2 tbsp daily to your meals to increase your potential.

Once prepared, we set off to the City Park where the race was planned to start. There was something uplifting about recognising our fellow runners on the tube, all taking their way to the race. When we got there it was already around 27 degrees. It was a very hot day. The atmosphere was so motivating: music was beating loudly, loads of runners were warming up and stretching. We felt like we are part of a big community. By that time my doubts were gone, I was happy and proud to participate, however still nervous about failing. The race was about to start at 9am. We started to do our strechings too. As the time was closing, we went to search for Zone 4 (5:30-6.00). Gosh, I thought I am going to faint, I don’t think I have been so nervous since my graduation exam. I felt ecstatic, drums were rolling, counting back to start of Zone 1. Zone 1 set off and we were slowly moving forward with the crowd. Next, Zone 2, Zone 3.. and here we go, we are running…

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